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Spread the love with Romance Collection by Egoteest this Valentine's Day.

Egoteest Gift for her Gift for him Love Romance St. Valentine's Day Shirts

This winter holiday with super rich history is a nightmare to all the lonely hearts, and the most romantic day to the taken ones. If you don't have a significant other, all the teddy bears and valentines might make you nauseous. All those couples eating each other's faces off in public make you want to throw a chair at them. But you can't. Valentine's Day is the only day when PDA is socially acceptable and unfortunately, all the single ladies and gentlemen have to live with it. Isn't it annoying when all the couples wear those cute shirts that say "I'm Hers" or "He's Mine"? Ha, they seem annoying only because you're not wearing one. Like obviously, Egoteest's romance designs are incredible, and you're just jealous that you don't have one.

Egoteest: Romantic T-shirts

Well, lucky you! At Egoteest, we also carry humorous Valentine's Day shirts to mock all those love birds that crowd every single restaurant. Don't worry, you won't be alone this year. Get yourself an Egoteest "singles" shirt and let people know you're available. February 14th is a magical day, and you never know what might happen. You might even find the love of your life sitting all alone at a table, waiting for their lonely glass of wine, and desperately looking at all the couples in love. And there's a greater chance of that happening if you will be wearing a tee that has been carefully designed by Egoteest from the amazing Romance Collection. And yet again, Egoteest's t- shirts will unite two souls. With the help of the magical holiday, of course.

Egoteest: Love & Kiss

If you belong to the other part of the world's population, and do have a significant other to spend the day with, you'll certainly want something more than flowers this Valentine's Day. Are you sick of getting chocolates and teddy bears each year? Is your house overflowing with those furry little bastards? Is the chocolate making your face break out in volcano-like pimples and ruining your fitness diet? Flowers might be a cute and simple gift, but they only live up to a week. And after that, all you have is a picture of the pretty bouquet (if you took the time to Instagram a picture with hashtags). Valentine's day is too predictable.

Egoteest: Lesbian Love

Well, Egoteest will help you fix that. Think about it: how great would it be if you and your lover both had those cheesy couple shirts? Extremely funny and romantic? So now, if you get lost at a rave, the crowd will help you find each other in seconds. The whole world will be grossed out by how in love you are, but isn't that what most people want? Egoteest's Romance designs with keep your pure love blossoming. And in ten years from now, when your perfect little child pulls the shirts out from the dresser, you'll have a wonderful story to tell them. Those are the shirts that their parents got each other one Valentine's Day, long ago, when they were still falling for each other and the butterflies were overtaking their bellies.

Spread the love with Egoteest's Romance Collection this Valentine's Day.



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